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Memories of Smithville-1787 to 1950

The history book that helps inform this podcast was completed and first published in 2009. In 2014 the book had its third printing. It was written by myself and published by Doug Nicol. Copies can be still be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce location in the Train Station, at Carruthers' Printing on College Street and by contacting me, Ivan Carruthers, directly.

Do you have a question for topics for future episodes?

Some of the topics for the first few episodes came from conversations I had with friends and acquaintances who I bumped into and who asked me if I remembered something about a certain part of Smithville or if I remembered a particular person. If you have a question about Smithville or some of the families from the area please send me an email. If I know something about the topic or can find out for you, I may include it in a future podcast!
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  • November 5, 2019 @ 10:45 pm

    Memories from Bill Shrum-Poultry Breeders in the area and beyond

    This episode is Dad reading a column that was written by Bill Shrum of Smithville and submitted to and published in the Bird's Eye Review. Bill gives a wonderful recitation of his memories and knowledge of the poultry fanciers and breeders in Smithville, in Niagara and in North America. It's an amazing recollection of a once-thriving and very close knit community that few people have reason to consider until you walk into a show at one of the local fall fairs, the Canadian National Exhibition or the Royal Winter Fair. Enjoy!

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